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Monday, May 25, 2009

Haiti Visit May 2009

Hello friends and family:
I had a wonderful time in Haiti. It was the first time I had visited alone and the first time I had ever visited and stayed at a hotel in Port-Au-Prince. It was extremely nice to have all those amenities - running HOT and COLD water. The hotel had electricity all day long with air conditioners. It was amazingly comfortable. This trip I was able to get out several times. We went to the beach one day, the baptist mission up in the mountains, we went to the market and out to eat at Epidor (which is a Haitian style Mcdonald's). I'm posting several of the pictures of the trip and some of the places we went.
Schella is doing good! Her health has plateaued and they are reducing some of her medications. We had a wonderful time together. I was so grateful to spend this time with her and miss her tremendously now that I am home. I hope that soon we will be together again.
I felt very safe in the hotel we stayed at - Hotel Villa Therese. The owner, Alix was very gracious and we were able to have a live band come and sing to us one night. It was wonderful! This trip was probably the most "fun" and "entertaining" I've ever had in Haiti. I'm so grateful for experiencing the country in this way.
Please keep praying for Schella, for her health and her emotions as she continues to wait for us to bring her home. Sometimes it is difficult for her to wait for this long process. Please continue to pray for the workers, the directors (Chris & Hal) and the kids that are waiting for adoptive homes. Thank you for thinking of us and the people in Haiti!


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